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Our Pricing

Our Pricing

Residential Window Cleaning:

$5 per window pane

We charge a rate of $5 for each window pane, minimum of $100. This includes the inside and outside surfaces, without regard to size or travel costs. As part of residential cleaning service, we will clean your screens and wipe off all visible tracks and sills. For an extra charge we also clean skylights and sashes, remove hard water stains and paint, clean mirrors and chandeliers.

Third story windows are counted as double, due to the extra work and elevated risk.

Inserts are an additional .25 cents per window (inserts refer to the removable grids that can be placed on windows. i.e. prairie glass, french colonial style, etc.)

Commercial Window Cleaning:

$3 per window

We charge a rate of $3 for each window pane. This includes the inside and outside surfaces.

We consider all of our customers family, and go above and beyond to ensure your service experience with Day Lite Window Cleaning is the best. We are proud of the service we offer, when you make the decision to use Day Lite Window Cleaning, you are joining our family.

* All prices are subject to change.

Window Cleaning Estimator:

  • Step 1: Count - Count the number of panes in your windows. Different windows contain different numbers of panes. Use the guide below to understand what we mean by "pane".
    • 1 Pane - Single Casement or Fixed Window
    • 2 Panes - Double Hung Window
    • Sliding Window - Slider Window or Door
    • 4 Panes - Storm Window
    • 2.5 Panes - Pella Storms
    • Divided Lights - 4 Squares = 1 Pane
  • Step 2: Multiply - Multiply the total number of panes by 5. This will provide you with a close estimate of your final price.
  • Step 3: Finalize - Upon arrival, we will count your panes and finalize your price before getting started.

Please email us with our contact form and include the number you came up with using the estimator.

Note: This tool isn't designed to give you a set price, it is only used for estimating purposes.